Kerry Corp’s Health Coaching Programs

What is health coaching?

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition, health concerns and goals with a trained professional. As a Integrative Health Coach, with certifications in both health coaching and gut health, I create a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve your health goals.

During your chosen program, we will spend time together ( either in person, video or phone call), discovering what works best for you. I will empower you to implement food and lifestyle habits that best support you- your life, your body, with a holistic and realistic approach.

I believe in working together, to unfold what motivates and more importantly, what is relevant for you, creating lasting positive change.

The focus of my coaching is to guide you to shift your perception and approach, providing you with ways to nourish not only your body with real food, but your mind and soul, too!

“Kerry was awesome in keeping her advice realistic for my lifestyle. She was great at getting me to look at food a different way and see that you can nourish your body without to much effort. She also has shared some easy and delicious recipes with me that even I can cook as a single person. I highly recommend her as she’s very easy to communicate with and is the first coach that listened to my needs and capabilities then helped me implement around that.”- Kellie Mennen

How do my coaching programs work and what you recieve?

I live on the beautiful Surfcoast in Victoria, where I offer personal or group coaching session in my peaceful and tranquil home practice but it doesn’t matter where you live, in what ever time zone, any and all coaching session can be taken via video conference call.

We will meet via your chosen means, once a fortnight through out your coaching program where we will explore together, your health goals and I will guide and facilitate your personal roadmap for you to achieve this.

During your program you will receive a personal workbook, journal and full session report after each session with your personal action plan.  You will also have email support and contact between each session

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Please find my current coaching offerings below;



This introductory program will guide you to ‘kick start’ a

healthier you. A great way to begin reviewing your diet and exercise regime and start improving your health.

This program is perfect for anyone who needs to make some minor changes with their diet or begin managing a health condition where diet plays a significant role, such as Diabetes, food allergies or intolerances.

3 x 50-60min coaching sessions 



A more focused program to review your broader health and wellbeing. We will unravel your core health concerns and explore the integral role that diet and movement has on your health and begin to a look at how your lifestyle plays a role in your overall wellbeing. 

This program is perfect for someone who wants to go a little deeper with diet, movement and begin to explore lifestyle habits to keep us moving forward.

6x 50-60min coaching session 


“Thank you Kerry for the beautiful coaching session I just had over the phone with you. Your insight, knowledge and recommendations were amazing.
I would highly recommend Kerry for Health Coaching for Busy Women. Thanks again” – Robyn Turgoose





A comprehensive program that ‘dives’ into your health and wellbeing and provides an opportunity for you to achieve meaningful change. In addition to unravelling your core health concerns and exploring the integral role your diet, exercise and lifestyle play in your wellbeing; we look more closely at how you live your life, and uncover the stressors and triggers that prevent you from reaching your full health potential.

Together we will identify strategies that work for your body and lifestyle. I will guide you to find your grounding with your health and wellbeing!

8x 50-60min coaching session






The ultimate all-inclusive program to completely overhaul unhealthy or unhelpful habits and approaches that are holding you back from your healthiest potential.

My complete program incorporates all of the benefits of all other programs PLUS expands to explore our primary foods (our joy, happiness and soul) in more depth, discovering how you are living your life currently, exploring the stressors and triggers in your life and implement strategies that will work for your body and lifestyle. Also ‘as needs’ access to me as your personal health coach.

Together we will create new healthy habits and crowd out those unhelpful old ones.

12x 50-60min coaching sessions


A summary of what you will receive in all my programs;

  • personal one on one coaching, in person, video conference or phone.  My personal and relaxing office space is located on the relaxing Surf coast, Victoria.
  • we will meet via your chosen means once a fortnight
  • you will receive a personal workbook, journal and full session report with your personal action plan
  • email support and contact between each session

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