Healthy on a Budget – The Ultimate Winter Warming Recipes – EBOOK



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They have be written for you to discover simple and effective ways to incorporate more wholefoods into you and your family’s diet, without breaking the bank!

My passion is to inspire and introduce you to an amazing diversity of recipes and wholefoods, for you to not only eat well but to achieve a vibrant, healthy and energetic life!




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Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget?

I truly believe you can.

So, I was determined to write a cookbook to share my knowledge with you to inspire and encourage you to invest the time in your health, without having to break the budget. To provide you with many of my tips and strategies to source and make meal easily, with nutritious fool proof recipes.

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t cook much or doesn’t have confidence in the kitchen. Or you’re someone who loves to cook but is lacking inspiration and motivation.

This is for you.

Its food that is bang on budget and nourishing from the inside, out.

You will discover over 40 nourishing, tasty and healthy winter dinners, whilst being thrifty!

Its full of gluten free and tasty winter dishes, along with many of my food budget saving tips and tricks that will warm your bellies and fill your body with goodness!

This cookbook is for;

  • Anyone who yearn to eat healthy but doesn’t know how or where to start
  • Who wishes to add more healthy and diverse dishes to their repertoire, while being mindful of $$
  • Who longs to discover thrifty ways to shop, prepare and enjoy nourishing and tasty meals
  • Who feels that eating healthy on a budget is out of reach- let me show you how!

This is part of a series of upcoming cookbooks for all people, in all seasons and reasons in life. It comes from the heart as I have personally experienced all these ‘seasons’ in my life and understand what it’s means to have financial stressor, yet still provide nourishment for myself and my family. I am passionate about the importance of eating well using whole-foods as the cornerstone of this and have learned over the years, how to achieve this with a splash of creativity and a splosh of resourcefulness.


I am so excited to share this with you in this book.

What you find in this cookbook-

  • Over 40 nourishing and diverse low to moderate budget recipes
  • Recipes that are flexible- swap in or out ingredients that you have on hand.
  • Recipes that a flexible for different diets or if catering for allergies
  • Recipes that are easy to follow and make, whilst easy on the wallet
  • All recipes are Gluten Free- yes, this can be done on budget!
  • Many are plant based with a strong focus on eating more veg in a delicious and wholesome way!
  • Using wholefood based ingredients you can source on your doorstep that are commonly available and affordable throughout most parts of the world.

I am truly passionate about educating people on the difference between filling the belly and fueling the body, even when money is tight. These recipes are to guide, to inspire and to provide a platform for you to work from.

I truly hope you take them and make them your own.

Stay happy, Healthy and grounded,

Kerry Corp












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