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Conversations Around the Table

Sometimes you across someone and their business and you just click! Well, that’s what happened when I came across Danielle from ‘Around the Table’

Danielle is a mumma of 3, who believes in the importance of connection and eating together as a family. We got chatting and realised we had many beliefs in common. One of them being the very important action of sharing a meal and the conversations that can flow from this experience.

Like most families these days, we are all busy and Danielle’s is no different, but within these busy lives, Danielle had noticed how often we miss the key moments and opportunities to come together over a meal and connect on a positive level. We often leave the TV on, or have devices/phones at the table and other distraction even eating in separate rooms and times.

She felt so passionately about inspiring change with this that she got to work and developed a wonderful and fun deck of cards, not just any cards, but conversational cards to make the most of meal times. The richness of mealtimes, although important, isn’t just the meal itself, but also from the conversations around the table.

I could not agree with this any more and it is something that I have instilled into my families evening meal time, from the word go, as it was within my upbringing.

Having interaction and communication at meal time has proven to;

  • Improve your child’s resilience
  • Build their self-esteem and confidence
  • A deeper connection
  • More positive engagement
  • Adds fun and positivity to the family
  • Strengthens family bonds

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want for my family!

The more Danielle and I got talking and the more I learnt about her amazing deck of conversational cards, the more I said, sign me up and let’s do something together!

My family have loved these cards and have been having lots of fun using them.

Danielle just loved my cookbook and what I do as a coach, so we decided to work collaboratively and she has so very kindly offered all my subscribers FREE SHIPPING on any orders for her conversational cards.

Now I’m not sure what your family situation is, if you have kids or how old your kids are, but at each age, with each individual personality, it can sometimes be challenging to even get ‘boo’ from your kids. Or perhaps you just have that one child that dominates the whole conversation?

So if you had a conversation prompting pack of cards to use at the dinner table, had fun and positive communication where everyone gets a turn, just imagine how much fun that would be?

With Christmas fast approaching, what a great stocking filler or gift for your friends and family- I encourage you to go check out her amazing website for more information (I have even one of my healthy family friendly recipes there!)

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