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I’ve written a cookbook- Healthy on a Budget!

Hey there,

Its been a quite a long while since I have written a blog, but I’ve been a little busy this year and during this pandemic.

I decided to write a cookbook. Not just any cookbook, but one that I hope will inspire you to cook with your health in mind and your budget too!

At the beginning of March 2020, things around Australia, as it already had been worldwide, started to change at a rapid rate. Covid-19, the pandemic that’s was and still is, reaching all corners of the world hit.

I woke up really early one morning over Easter. I had been feeling a whole mixture of emotions over the previous weeks, dealing with the bombardment of bad news on the nightly news and the continuing increase of lockdown measures; being cut off from seeing my parents and loved ones, my daughter being schooled from home, worried for my step son who is an essential worker as a trainee paramedic, changes around me and my hubby’s work. Friends and family facing job losses and cutbacks. Not to mention the ongoing health concerns for all…I know I’m definitely not alone here.

But on this very early morning, I woke up with the thoughts of positivity and an eagerness to take action.

I had been asking myself over the previous days, what is it, that can I do in a positive way that can be of benefit to people during this time and also keep me busy during this time in isolation? I’m definitely not a sit around bingeing on Netflix kinda Chic!

So here is what I was thinking….now more than ever it’s important to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and our immune systems. Aside from the health ramifications, one of the other major side effects of this pandemic is the major impact it’s having and will continue to have on the economic wellbeing globally.
These changes can really challenge our financial security and with that comes stress and worry, making it more important now, than ever before, to nurture not only our immune systems, but our physical and mental health, also.

I truly believe in the midst of this world crisis there are positives we can take, learn from and adapt with. One I personally feel very passionate about is our relationship with food and time.

The social distancing and isolation measures that were put in place enabled us to spend more time in our homes than ever before, reminding us of the joy in spending time cooking, learning new recipes and skills, sharing a meal together for those isolating with families, and for those cooking for one, the pride in taking care of yourself and your health.

So Healthy on a Budget was born! 

I was excited and couldn’t wait to get started and share my knowledge with you to inspire and encourage you to invest the time in your health, without having to break the budget. To give you many of my tips and tricks to make meal prep easy, with nutritious fool proof recipes.

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t cook much or doesn’t have confidence in the kitchen. Or you’re someone who loves to cook but is lacking inspiration and motivation…. This is for you.

Here in Australia, we’re in the cooler months, so I have dedicated this cookbook to warming, comforting winter recipes to warm the soul and fuel your body with immunity boosting goodness.

But honestly, this is a cookbook for all seasons! And all reason!!

Its food that is bang on budget, nourishing you from the inside, out.

If you would like to learn more about this book, what’s in it or how to purchase it,  then click here now…..

You can purchase ‘Healthy on a Budget’ in downloadable eBook or for anyone in Australia, as hard copy book. 

I am truly thrilled and super proud of what I have produced for you and cant wait for you to get into your kitchens and cook from my new book with sprinkling of love, a touch of experimentation, a dash of fun, a big splash of budget saving and most of all a big serve of delicious, nourishing pleasure!

Stay happy, healthy and Grounded.

Kerry X

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