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Thriving through Winter -Part 2

It’s no secret, our bodies need to be well hydrated. After all they are made up of almost 65% of water.

But there seems to be a misconception that we become more dehydrated in summer, more than winter, but it can actually be quite the opposite.

In winter we are living more inside out homes/workspaces with artificial air and heating on. When we do go outside, we are dealing with extreme elements like cold blasts of wind and rain. All these things impact out hydration and our skin too.

If you are like me in winter, the thought of drinking water, particular cold water just doesn’t appeal.

So I drink a lot of warmed water with the added nutritional benefits of fresh slices of lemon and ginger. Sometimes with a little honey!

*Interestingly, most of the Vit C in citrus are actually in the skin, not the flesh or juice, so have these slices of lemon in your warm water will extract the healing benefits of these essential oils.

I have bottles of herbal teas, in particular green tea and tulsi tea (which is holy basil and so good for you). Sometimes I flavoured these teas with slices of fruits or herbs (*one of my favourites in slices of pear and a little cinnamon and honey)

I also sip on bone broths ( or vegetable broths), sometimes with some a tsp of miso in it- especially when I am feeling a little sluggish and run down. This enables me to be hydrated from the liquid, nourished from the abundant nutrients in the bone broth and feeding my good gut bacteria with a live probiotic from the miso paste. Happy days!

I always use a flask or large bottle of these next to me while I am working, that way I stay hydrated.

So much of our fatigue and hunger can be contributed to dehydration, so making this a key focus with boost these things and support your detoxification, skin and immune system…WINNING!!

if you’re looking for a LITTLE sweet treat at night without the guilt, whilst gaining some hydration and nutritional benefits- I sometimes make a healthy hot chocolate, using our nourishing chocolate complete shakes (Juice Plus) with heated almond milk or use this yummy halth hot chocolate recipe here….

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