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Thriving, not just surviving the colder months!

A little over a week ago, I was on a train early one morning, going to Melbourne for a meeting, when I couldn’t help but notice how many folks on the train where coughing and sniffling, looking unwell and quite frankly looked weary and miserable.

Its winter in Victoria and let’s face it, it is the cold and flu season, so there are bound to be more folks walking around feeling this way and from all reports, flus and viruses are in full swing.
But what it made me realise is that building up your immune system and keeping it robust is something I take for granted these days. So sitting on that train, surrounded by all these unwell folks, in a confined space didn’t have me too concerned, as I have spent a lot of my focus on my family’s and my health over the last several years, to keep this thriving, as I believe we don’t have to just survive!

Disclaimer; It doesn’t mean I, or my family don’t get a sniffle from time to time (hey, my daughter has just had a couple of days off school with tonsillitis) but it’s much rarer these days and far less severe that years before, in fact only a few years back, the doctors where debating whether to remove her tonsils- but by focusing on these tips I’m going to share with you over the coming weeks, we have managed to avoid this surgery, therefore the removal of an organ that DOES have its function!
This was also, only confirmed furthermore a few days after this train experience, when I had to take my daughter to the emergency clinic (for a sports injury). When asked who our doctor is, I replied with “we don’t really have one!” – That’s how infrequent we all go to one these days.

So can we actually thrive through these winter and colder months?
Or do we just survive?
And how does one do this?

Well, firstly I believe you must look at what is it that impacts our immune system in the first place.
I call these your 4 pillars of health;
1.            The nutritional
2.            The movement
3.            The emotional
4.            The rest!

Within these pillars, I believe are the key to vibrant health, abundant energy and our ability to thrive.

Just consider for a minute the list above.

I’m not talking about being perfect here, but if you are not taking these things into consideration, then a lack of all of the above are going to be having a negative effect on your immune system and anything that is consistently under attack without replenishing defence weapons, well, put simply it is going to be an unwinnable battle I’m afraid.

Our immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that interestingly, mostly resides in our gut- in fact up to 80%! It is constantly under attack from foreign invaders (viruses, bacteria and pathogens) and its job is to be the first line of defence, stopping these from infiltrating the rest of your body, so one stays happy, healthy and vibrant.  When these defence lines become weak or a little weary, these opportunistic pathogens invade and try to take control.

It doesn’t just protect us from the sniffles or sneezes, it’s so much more….autoimmunity disease, digestive issues, mental health issues, skin issues, infections, cancer and more.

So what can one do to ensure a robust immunity?

Well, over the coming weeks, I’m going to write a series of posts, where you can take a look at some simple  tips from the above list that can be easily implemented, become a part of your daily/weekly routine and if you make these a central focus on your health, I can ensure you, you will build up and equip those armed forces to be your best most robust army, air force and navy in your body’s history.

Lets get started below…….


Today, I’m going to start with the REST- In particular sleep.

A lack of sleep means our bodies can’t function correctly.

Did you know that when we sleep, it’s when our bodies go into rest, digest and repair mode?

Yet, sleep is one of the biggest issues I come across in my coaching practice and let’s face it, most people these days, due to many reason, some of which are the choices that we ae making, are seriously deprived of a good nights slumber.
Now I know that when you have little bubs and those night wandering toddler, its very tricky to get a good nights rest. 

But let’s take a look at what happens when you are sleeping and consider for a moment just how dam important this deep rest is……

While you are in your slumber, your body’s organs and systems;

  • Do all their repair work
  • Digestion really does its hard labour 
  • Your brain resets and rewire
  • Your liver- our hardest working organ- does most of its detoxing and prepares for elimination
  • Keeps your hormones balanced
  •  Your cells renew themsleves
  • And it’s when kids do there growing

Phew…. that’s a busy working body!

So without a good night’s rest, you can see, you simply don’t operate efficiently and optimally
Therefore you will;

  • lack energy
  • make poor food choices
  • use caffeine to get us through the day
  • And look for perhaps a glass or 3 of red wine at night…..remember what I said about your liver 

If our organs don’t get to do their repair work at night, and digestion get its job done effectively – then our immunity gets lowered and you become more susceptible to virus’s, infections and so on.

I also would like you to consider that in winter and cooler months, you naturally need to rest more- its a time of year that should allow you to have a slower pace and keeps you more in synch and rhythm with mother nature.
But in our fast paced modern lifestyles of busy, busy, you don’t always allow for this deep rest, so making it a priority when you can is so important.

You know how well you feel after a good night’s sleep right? Yet it is one thing that many don’t prioritise.
To find some simple tips on improving your sleep,  read this post here….

Or contact me for some coaching sessions to explore how we can find sleep solutions for you.


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