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Are you on track with your health goals, for 2019?

Hi There, 

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she pointed out that it was over half way through the year.
At first I was a little shocked, as like all of us that are busy,  time can just fly on by without you even noticing it.
Then, it really got me thinking?

Many of us start out the year with great intentions, setting goals in our life, whether its something to do with our careers, family, health or a mixture of all these.
We start off focusing on getting started and doing quite well, then life gets in the way.
you know the ones….
Curve balls, distractions, tiredness, the never ending ‘to do’ list, the getting caught up in our routine of this ‘busyness’, then the excuses set in….. we start to loose sight of these goals. 

Is this you? …… Be honest?

There is no shame in this. Trust me, we are all guilty of it, so please don’t think I am here to shame you. It is far more common than you think and I know from my own personal experience, along with nearly all the beautiful women I coach, that our hectic lives are more than often the underlying cause of our loosing sight of these goals. 

But what if you had some one who was supporting you and helping hold you accountable through achieving these goals?
Someone or something that gave you some direction? Helped you reset?

Would you be interested?

That’s exactly what I do as a health coach and why I partnered with the Tribal Wellness Movement.
To offer you,  many different options of support, guidance, accountability. along with amazing resources, education and ‘health hacks’ to achieve the health and vibrancy YOU deserve.

You really do deserve to achieve the goals you desire!

So what is holding you back?
You have under half the year left and I challenge you to ask yourself this question……

” What health goals DO I want to achieve?”
Is it; 

  • To lose a little weight?
  • To get a little fitter?
  • To get a lot fitter?
  • To help your mindset?
  • Get off the diet yoyo treadmill
  • To Find time just for YOU?
  • To Eat better?
  •  For your whole family to eat more healthy?
  • To rebuild health, after illness or trauma?
  • To build or rebuild a strong immune system?

Perhaps your goal isn’t on this list, thats ok….its your goal!
But what ever it is, trust me when I tell you this, it is all with in your reach and having some support and accountabilty to help you achieve this goal may just BE the thing you need.
The very thing that gets you over the line, so you can radiate great health, energy and vibrancy! 

So if YOU want to thrive, not just survive the rest of winter and launch into this last half of the year with a spring in your step then contact me about one of these two opitons;

  1.  Join our 6 Week Transformation Challenge– filled with online support, resources ( Workouts from Pilates, yoga to HIIT and gym workouts, recipes and meal plans, wholefood nutritionals, mindset and meditation, along with health hacks and incredible team support along the way.)  *Your opportunity to join this challenge closes on Sunday, July 14th. 


  1. Sign up to one of my one on one coaching programs– Perhaps having one on one accountabilty and support is more your thang? My appraoch to achieveing your health goals is by considering your current lifestyle and discovering ways, along with working as a team to support you thorough achieveing your health goals. 

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to kick the rest of the year to the sluggish curb and finish off 2019 with a BANG!

Until next time, stay happy, healthy and grounded.

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