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Have you built a solid home?

Have you ever thought of your health being like a house?
Think about it- a house, like you health needs to be built strong, robust and well maintained ????

A healthy home!

It needs to start on a good solid ground- which are your genes????( these can be supported and changed!) 


1- the foundation gets laid- these are your nutrients( macro and micro), the whole foods that support you cells, in which you build upon.

2- Then the framework& walls get erected- this is exercise and movement. ????????‍♂️????‍♀️
With out moving our bodies, we don’t form and strengthen muscle and bones, to keeps us strong and up right.


3-finally the roof& doors get put on– the protectors from the elements. 

These are our emotions. ????Still exposing them to the outside world but not allowing the drafts and leaks to drip through and create rot and rust, but to become more resilient and robust ????????

But let’s not forget houses need maintaining- as there is always wear and tear, from weathering certain storms and age???? 

You are the master builder of your house- that amazing body that is your home!

So,I encourage you to ask yourself this- 

  • How well have you built your home? ????
  • Do you have a good insurance and maintenance plan?????‍♀️
  • Do you try and take short cuts, building and repairing your home? 


There are several things I do every single day to ensure that my temple is strong- healthy body and mind and these babies right here are a huge part of my health plan and I would love for the opportunity to share what these are with you?
They are my daily; 

33 whole foods delivered in a capsule!
  • foundation, 
  • my maintenance

…..and boy and I’m so grateful for them???? 

Would you like your ‘home’-your body, your health to be strong, robust and resilient? 

To have a good insurance plan that has your back in case of those emergencies? 

Reach out, send me a DM or email and I can guide you to build and repair that solid house that is your body, your health, your temple????

Until next time, 
Stay happy, healthy and grounded!

Kerry Corp
The Grounded Chic

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