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Gut Health

  • What is it?
  • How does it affect our health?
Yesterday I enthusiastically, went to a health talk about Gut Health- the topic was ‘clearing the confusion’ about the messages and claims out there about this incredibly diverse and emerging field of health/science. 
This got me thinking…” I am a qualified and certified Gut Health Coach and I haven’t really been sharing this knowledge with my followers!” Crazy right? I promise its not been deliberate!

So over the following weeks I am going to deliver a series on gut health-
-What is it?
-How does it affect our health?
-Some simple strategies to help in this area
-The importance it has not only in the connections to digestion, but the links to so many other health conditions, including mental health. 

Hippocrates stated 200 years ago, that “All disease begins in the gut” and for the most part, science is now slowly catching up to this very notion.
A healthy balanced microbiome ( which is your good and bad bacteria residing  mostly in your digestive tract, but also on your skin, even your brain and nose), along with proper enzymes, are absolutely essential for our bodies to digest and absorb the nutrients that we place in this amazing vehicles called your body!

So, its pretty damn important that we look after our ‘gut’, as this incredible system holds 80% of our immunity, produces many of our neurotransmitters, helps with inflammation and absorbs our nutrients to nurture and nourish our cells. 

Its that important.
You literally are what you eat, but more importantly what you absorb..…..makes you think doesn’t it?
Next Week – What and how your eating affects your gut health.
How the food you are eating (your macro and micro nutrients) influence EVERYTHING about your health and how you actually eat, impacts your digestion.
Love Your Gut!

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