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How to stay healthy during the festive season!

Image result for image of a healthy christmasThe festive season is amping up. The parties are being had, the shopping is getting done…or at least started, I hope? And the festive feast with all its trimmings is being planned.

With all this going on, it usually means we have a tendency to overload on sugary treats, processed finger food and dare I say a few glasses of the stuff that makes you a little warm and fuzzy inside. 

Now, I’m not saying don’t relax and enjoy yourself, do, its the festive season after all but too much of the above foods and drinks can be harmful to our health. It can lead to sugar crashes, fatigue, brain fog and a little extra weight gain….now we all don’t fancy that, when  after all, its a time of year to be upbeat and joyful.

The good news is, there are definitely ways to keep the holiday season healthy while still taking part in the festivities and having fun.

Firstly, here are some tips I shared with you last year on how to moderate and enjoy a little Image result for christmas drinkingtipple and if you do over indulge, just how to recover and reboot a little quicker and healthily.


Another thing to do is to get into the kitchen and create some healthier meals and treats to share with friends and family. They don’t have to take hours of baking and preparing. Ty my Chocolate Peppermint Bliss Balls– they take minutes to whizz up, require few ingredients and can be stored in the freezer for weeks…..if they last that long!   

Or try my simple and mouth watering delish, Choc Berry Fudge;


Or these very moreish and yummy Spicy Nut and Seed Mix;  This very quick and simple nut mix is great on any festive dinner table, party or as I have done this year, place into nice jars, wrap a little ribbon around them and gave them as gifts.  Grab the recipe here; 




So the festive madness doesn’t need to be all about over indulging. Just a few tweaks, along with some quick and simple strategies you will keep you on your healthy path, without too much effort.

What ever you do over this holiday season, remember most of all to stay happy, healthy and grounded.


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