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When best laid plan, go astray!

Do you ever get up some days, with grand plans of what you would like to achieve but then the day goes a little haywire?

Today, I woke up nice and early with the best intention. It all started when I flung out of bed a little too quick and strained a muscle in my neck (nothing major, just a twinge!). I recovered a little, rubbed some muscle oils in to relieve neck then got my exercise gear on, thinking ok, I won’t do any yoga today or HIIT, (due to being a little Ouchy) but I will go for a nice long walk. “Yes that’s what I’ll do”, I say.

I got delayed, my daughter woke up extra early, then the morning routine went off kilter when my husband left something important at home after he had left for work, my daughter decided to be a little difficult and defiant ( hello, end of year tiredness and hot nights with little sleep!), so morning routine goes out the window.
No problem I say, “I still have time to go for a little walk either before or in-between clients”…..
A few phone calls and messages come in and need attending too, I decide to hang some washing out, my client comes….that’s ok, I have time between her and my next client. Another phone call and distraction and so on it goes.
I get to the middle of afternoon and come to the complete acceptance that I will not be going for my long walk today and finally get changed out of my exercise gear.

Does this ever happen to you? Your best laid plans go astray.

How do you react? Do you get all up tight and frustrated or do you just surrender and be more flexible?

I know in the past, I would have got all head up about this. I would have thought, I’ve made a decision to go exercise today, so I have to make this work, then I would get all stressed, then place more pressure on myself, then go to a negative mindset of rigidity and frustration. But what I have learnt over the year is no matter how much we intend, strategize or even try to be a little flexible with our plans, sometimes it just doesn’t work out this way and that’s ok.

Rigidity and control is never good for anyone’s health.

So if today or whenever in the near future, especially during the fast approaching silly season, you find yourself all frustrated when your best laid plans for the day are not going according to your intentions, just surrender to it, let it go as sometimes the universe and others have different intentions for you that day.

Maybe today my body just didn’t need to move like I thought I wanted it to, (I think my neck twinge was a BIG warning sign there, don’t you think?) maybe I just needed to slow down a bit, so I did. I listened and I’m ok with it.
There is always tomorrow!


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