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My first published article!

I was recently asked by the editor of a wonderful hairdressing magazine, called ‘Modern Salon’   to be interviewed for an article, all about my journey from hairdressing to health coaching. I said, SURE…


You can click here to read it…..

I have talked about my personal health journey before, but it was interesting to talk about this in terms of hairdressing and the health and wellbeing issues that this industry face.


The hair and beauty industry is notorious for not supporting healthy habits and most working in busy salons have a tendency to;

  • Work long stressful hours
  • Standing all day and holding our bodies in ‘awkward’ positions
  • Not taking breaks
  • Eating on the run
  • Giving and pleasing our clients with our time and energy.
  • Exposing ourselves and breathing in chemicals all day long.

So it was good not only for me to reflect on the health and lifestyles changes I have made in my life, to minimise the impact on these above challenges, but to also have the opportunity to share this information with others in the industry and hope that this may have an influence on their own health and wellbeing.

You can read the article here and I hope you enjoy it. It was an honour and privilege to asked.

I hope you enjoy it?



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