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Do we hand over responsibilty of our health?

This morning I stopped into my local health food outlet, while I was out walking and had an interesting chat with the naturopath who works there. Now this is not an unusual happening for me, as I love a chat ( hello, nearly 30 years of hairdressing!!) but as we got talking about what we both do now and health and wellbeing in general, she said to me that as humans, we often delegate responsibility out to other when it comes to our health. 

We want the quick fix, for someone to make the decision for us and are unwilling to do the work on ourselves in order to make positive changes in our health and wellbeing or they feel they have no other options available to them.

Most people don’t want to change their habits until forced to do so. In other words, they are willing to gamble with their health, hoping to beat the odds.

For example, we may know deep down that a certain food we eat consistently does not agree with our digestion, but we keep eating it, because we like the taste, it’s convenient or its simply a habit. To actually stop eating this particular troublesome food, just seems a difficult task. But if we went to a Doctor who said, “oh, I have a pill for that”, we say ” write the script!”! Yet by simply removing the offending food, will minimise inflammation in our bodies and inflammation is the precursor to many, many diseases and ailments.

Now, as a health coach, I hear this a lot, that people are really interested in what I do, say they really need to do this but are unwilling to do the work. Time, money, work, kids, dogs, cat, ‘responsibilities’ all get in the way of why they can’t make change. I get it, we are all really busy and life often gets in the way of doing what we really want or need to do. We feel like sometimes, to look after our health is just another decision to make and it just seems too much.

I was like this for many years, but what became apparent to me, after years of my body whispering to me, then it got louder, then screaming at me when my health really deteriorated was, when I was trying to seek help was these 3 things;

  1. Not all doctors and practitioners are the same and don’t always have the answers-  Doctors are only human, after all. Not only do they make mistakes: Sometimes, they have very different opinions from one another.
  2. That I am the only one who can change my life, no one else.
  3. That if you know something is not right, if you don’t feel right, chances are, there is something not right, so KEEP ASKING THE QUESTION! No matter what the doctors and tests say.

The bottom line: It is YOUR body and YOUR health. Speak up for yourself! Do the work!!

As I said above, your bodies whispers to you all the time, sending your signals to let you know, there is something a miss. But most of us leave it to the point of screaming, even a health crisis till we make those changes. Even if it is as simple as eliminating a particular food.

One thing is, that I know sometimes change is overwhelming, but instead of looking at our health and wellbeing as one big task we need to tackle, just look at it like a stairwell, we don’t look at the top of the stairwell and think, “oh, I can’t make it to the top, too many steps”. I suggest you just look and take the first step, master that, get your grounding, then take the next.

Changes with your health doesn’t need to feel overwhelming and handing over this decision, action and choice to others, no matter how qualified and cleaver they are isn’t the right answer for you. Don’t get me wrong, seek advice, support and guidance, but only you have the power to own it and put it into action. You so deserve to have vibrant health and abundant energy. It is YOUR body and YOUR health.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?

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