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A Very Personal Note

Image result for Stressed WomanI have been under quite a lot of stress lately. I don’t know really where to begin but to say that there has been an accumulation of things building up in my life and its hit me for six over the last couple of weeks and became one big mind f@#k! (I know, language Kerry).

Stress can be funny like that sometimes, you can be cruising along, feeling all ‘jiggy’ with it, then bam!
I am unable to share with you the details of what has been going on but what I can share with you that it has had a huge impact on me, in ways that I thought it couldn’t or wouldn’t. So much of what happens in our lives can be things that are out of our control and the only thing we can control is how we react and deal with these issues. And this is what I want to share with you today.
I have spent the last 5-6years doing some really deep work on myself in this area and the one thing that I truly believe, is that stress and the way it manifests in our bodies, mentally and physically, has a much greater impact on our health that any amount of organic quinoa and kale we consume. I say this A LOT to my clients and to anyone who will listen, but I have dropped the ball on how I manage my own stress. I thought I was, I really did but I know now just where I have gone wrong. I’ve been ‘doing’ not ‘being’.

And this has been my undoing!

What do I mean by this?
Well, let me put it this way. I’m a doer and doers are always doing things, writing and crossing things of our list, feeling successful and smug when we achieve things (yeah, you know what I’m talking about?). We organise and get on with it, this is our way of feeling in control of our lives. This can often be misinterpreted as trying to control other around us, (boy have I been accused of this a lot in my life) but I know in my case, it’s not about trying to control others, that is not what I am trying to do, its simply about trying to feel in control of my personal environment, feelings and ME. So I feel safe and not fearful of the unknown.

But the conflict I have with myself is, I totally believe in the universe and the spiritual side of my life and handing over that trust to it, but my pragmatic, organising ways often block this and it becomes a battleground between the 2, rather than a lovely symbiotic dance.
When this happens, I get all up in my head, feeling completely disconnected from my body and gut instincts and then I try to hang on for dear life, to the control, isolating myself to my thought, thinking I can ‘think’ my way out of it all.

How does this unravel to me, my work and those around me?
Well….. Disorganised, unfocussed, all over the place, sleep issues, digestive issues, brain fog, snappy, grumpy, disconnected, distant…shall I go on?
Then I hit the wall. And that’s what has happen to me over the last weeks.

So I’m stepping back from as much as I can at the moment. I’m getting back to basics (yes, my clients would be saying to me now, Kerry, simplify….I know, I know, I need to practice what I preach?).I’ve been to see my Reiki healer, beginning to let go of the control and handing over trust. Simply getting my ‘grounded chic on’ and actually practising some big time self-care of being, not doing!

I am also blocking out the negative energy that I have allowed to sneak into my life. I will talk more about this next week. I am taking back my own energy and not handing over power to those that are taking it.

Why am I sharing this?
I am sharing this with you today, not to tell you about my life and personal issues, but to reinforce, that the connection between the mind, body and spirit is such a hugely important one, for our overall health. It’s not all woo,woo! And when we feel this way, feeling stressed, disconnected and all up in our heads, we just need to step back in our lives and stop, breathe, let go of the need to be ‘in control’, practice a little self compassion and get some grounding. That no one and I mean no one is perfect, including me.

Share with me, what you do, to get some grounding in your life? How you pull back and simplify?

OR do you need tools to guide you with this?


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