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Letting go of the guilt!

Image result for free image of a women doing housework sickThe last few days I have been feeling quite unwell. Nothing too major, just the winter lurgy and a little sinus infection.  It’s been a busy year so far, juggling 2 business’s, family and domestic life and a small, but worth it social life! Although I am very good now at setting boundaries, acknowledging my limitations and prioritising me and my body…. well lets just say, I’ve let the ball drop a little over the last few weeks.

I have been still eating ‘quite’ well ( ok, a  few take away meals may have snuck in?).  A few extra glasses of vino have definitely been sneaking in ( I have a liver condition and alcohol does not agree with me!) but the one thing I have noticed mostly, is I have dropped my morning routine. Now my morning routine is about ‘me time’, I rehydrate, do some exercise ( mainly yoga, but also a session or two of HHIT on occasion) and meditation. This sets up my day for great energy, clarity and focus.

But what has all this got to do with guilt?

Well, yesterday, my daughter had the day off school, as she too was feeling a little unwell and as Monday is a non working in my business day,we both spent some quality time resting on the couch, just laying around. But what got to me was the fact that I felt frustrated and guilty most of the day.


Because I kept thinking, “Oh, Monday is my day where I set up the rest of the week and I had planned to achieve a lot of things!”, then I would berate myself and be annoyed by the fact I was unwell!

The thing is, as women, we often don’t allow ourselves to stop and give back to ourselves, even when we are sick. Then if we do, we feel guilty about it!

I have spent the last few years, mastering this very skill of letting go of the guilt, so I was a little surprised by my reaction yesterday. But what it showed me, was that no matter how much we implement new and positive habits in our life, if we let some of them slip from our day to day routine, then others flow back in.

On a positive note, I did recognise that in my ‘former’ life, I would have ignored how unwell I was feeling and tried to push on through, ticking everything of my ‘to do’ list, then ending up even more sick and very, very grumpy. So even though I may have slipped back into some old habits, fortunately not like I use to. The other positive is, I recognised this old pattern reforming and I will now take steps to remedy it.

So today, even though I am still feeling a little of my lurgy lingering, I have;

  • let go of the fact I may not have the house in order this week
  • We will still survive!
  • That rest is paramount for immunity boosting and recovery
  • I returned and committed to my morning routine

So, no matter what, when you find yourself berating yourself for not achieving as much as you would have liked or planned, just pull back a little and let go, because guilt and berating never is good for the soul, therefore your health and wellbeing!

Tell me in the comments below, what do you do, when you feel guilty for not achieving all on your ‘to do’ list?



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