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Upon starting health coaching with Kerry my intent of what I was after wasn’t exactly clear. As a 30 year old professional, founder of an organisation that operates nationally, publicist & co-CEO, life was a myriad of extraordinary moments and simply put, hectic and at times very off balance!  Kerry took the time to listen, to learn me and to gain insight into where to start, then taking the time to specifically tailor the program to me and my needs, without judgement or restriction. The patience and understanding in taking the time to work out what works for me, with me and what things were working against me, enabled me to see a holistic view of my health.

Through Kerry’s gentle and informative approach to coaching I gained tools to take control over the stressors that living a busy professional and personal life was placing on me. Addressing health not only from a food and fitness point of view, but also taking into consideration the soul food that nourishes the mind. Kerry presented me with the options that worked for me, allowing for change and growth, knowing that health coaching isn’t a one size fits all approach.

The most significant overall change was how in tune with myself I am now, knowing what I need to nourish my body, knowing when to stop and take time for me, my soul time as Kerry and I call it, and knowing that in getting the balance right, it means I can actually take on more as my days are more productive, balanced and whole.

For me, Kerry has been my stable platform. No matter how hectic I am, how off balance or what is happening around me Kerry always gently brings me back to what is good for me and assists with realigning things when they go a little off course. There’s never any guilt or blame, she’s always there to remind me that sometimes we are hardest on ourselves and being kind to ourselves is the best place to start.

For anyone that believes they can have it all, do it all, see it all but perhaps just need some help along the way for each leap they take, Kerry is your go to. Kerry is for everyone, for mum’s, for young professionals like myself who want to learn balance and wellbeing so later in life when they become a mum they already have the tools, for women of all ages and backgrounds. Kerry is patient, gentle, yet firm and motivating when need be, resourceful and inspiring in her approach to encouraging women to be truly grounded and incredibly capable of success, whatever that may look like to them.  

In living a fulfilled and whole life we need to make sure we surround ourselves with the right people and Kerry has been an integral part of my tribe, ensuring that I continue to strive to be the best version of me. ”  – Paige Hobbs, publicist & co-CEO


” I started my coaching program with Kerry to improve vitality and energy, breaking bad habits and start listening to my body, along with managing my food intolerances. Kerry encouraged me to consistently work towards these goals and guided me to make small but achievable ongoing changes.  The biggest thing I have noticed is my overall  increased sense of wellbeing and improved energy. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to improve their health and sense of wellbeing, especially if they have dietary requirements. “

– Dr Kate Mcilwaine, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician  


“I came to see Kerry to gain more energy, to feel more motivated and to understand what, why and how to eat less processed foods and more real wholefoods into my and my families diet.

Kerry gave me easy to implement ideas and had all the ‘tools’ available to share with me. She adapted the program to suit my changing needs and did everything she could to assist me. I have a deeper understanding of how to integrate healthy eating into my life and a much deeper understanding of self care.

Kerry is down to earth, trustworthy, committed, practical and knowledgeable, who went above and beyond to give me what I needed and I am so much more happier and healthier'”

Larissa Stratton

My reasons for signing up to Kerry’s coaching sessions was not only to feel great and have more energy, but to eat a balanced diet ,control my cravings and to be emotionally and physically happier in my life.

Not only did she guide me to balance my life with my health, she quickly made me realise that my happiness was of equal importance to this in my life. My body feels and works so much better because I am making wiser choices to move my body and eat food that nourishes me. I have been able to sustain a higher energy level over the whole day.

Kerry is so supportive with a wealth of knowledge that she uses to help you achieve your goals and I quickly formed a positive strong relationship that enabled me to be open to her encouragement and support. ”  – Allie Russell

” I wanted to get back on track with my fitness, lose weight and eat more regularly.  Kerry really guided me to think through my options and challenged my thinking with a continued focus on my goals. The biggest difference I noticed throughout my program was I was making healthier choices and gained more self acceptance- an acceptance that my weight is not the be all and end all, that health and wellbeing are more than just weight. I would describe Kerry as professional, supportive, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. She has a warm engaging style that makes you feel comfortable from the ‘get go’. She has an amazing knowledge of health and wellness and speaks from  personal experience, which brings a lovely authenticity to the conversation. “Louise Spiers- Bridge, Artisan Secondary Teacher








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