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Shining New Habits

Image result for free image of new habitsWe all want to achieve greatness in our lives and in order to do this, we need to make and work towards shining new habits.

I have been talking a lot about habits of late with clients…well lets be honest, I talk about it a lot in general because it is the core of what I do as a health coach. Habits are at the absolute centre of our behaviours. It’s what, why and how we do what we do. We create patterns that we repeat. Now some of these patterns are good ones, for example; cleaning our teeth, drinking water etc. Some, well not so good….ending up in the same dysfunctional relationships, eating the same foods that don’t make us feel good,  saying yes to things when we really want to say no, etc.

When we see the same things in our lives happening time and time again that are not serving us so well.. well, these are patterns we need to recognise and break them.

I have been blessed to meet many amazing people in my life and one of those people very kindly gifted me a workbook at the beginning of this year. This workbook is called  ‘My Shining New Year’ by Leonie Dawson  ( you can check her website here )

This gorgeous workbook is all about getting clarity around where you have been ( to let go of past stuff!), then setting new goals and intentions for the year ahead.  This can be done in business, work and/or our personal lives.

One simple activity I did in this book was creating my own Shining Habits List. This list is a simple list of daily habits you would love to create and be reminded of, that will nourish and nurture yourself, in order to bring more joy into your life…..Now that’s a worthy cause I think?

It’s quite simple really. There are a few rules to follow which I will list below.

  1. This list is not about achieving perfection, just a list to remind yourself each day of the beautiful things you like to do.
  2. You don’t need to achieve everything on this list- again, its not about perfection or failure. Some days you might do all of them, some days you wont do any, but most days you will do some and that’s an achievement in itself.
  3. Make them sound like fun. Use words that lift you and get you excited.
  4. Make them  feel achievable-  For example, on my list, it says ” for great energy start my day with at least one thing form my morning ritual list”. This takes the pressure off trying to achieve it all, if I only achieve one thing then its still  gives me a sense of achievement and if I do all, then bonus tick for me!
  5. Phrase them positively as something to move towards, instead of being a DON’T.
  6. Copy habits that sing to you and lift your spirits. Listen to what resonates, when needed.

Here is what mine looks like…..

So what are you waiting for…get making your shining new habit and start nourishing your soul with doing things that will bring you joy!

As Leonie states in her workbook-

There is a wise woman inside you that knows the way….”

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