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3 simple steps to letting go!

Do you often feel like you are being judged or under constant pressure for not being ‘healthy’ enough? Fit enough? Skinny enough? Not a good enough mother? Partner? Employee…..the list can go on! Image result for free image of the perfect life

Below you will find my 3 simple steps to removing overwhelm and the pressure of perfection.

I get it I really do. We all have doubts and insecurities.

BUT What if I said, the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing right now is to LET GO OF THIS!

Just let go of the pressure and accept that right here, right now, you are doing the best you can with the knowledge, time and ability you have. That’s it! Just take the breaks off for a moment and breathe.

If you don’t like green smoothies…..that’s OK!  If you find the thought of working out at a gym amongst buffed up fitness freaks, freaks you out…..That’s so ok, too. If the thought of going to a yoga class and chanting is not your thing…guess what……OK!!

There is so much noise and conflicting information out there all the time, so much more pressure and expectation on women than ever before. I have written about this before, here.

You may look around and think “oh, but she has it all together” or “how does she do it, her life is so perfect?”

Remember, everyone’s life and circumstances are very, very different and you really don’t really know what is going on their life. They may appear to have it all together or be perfect, but you really don’t know. Just as no individual can be perfect, nobody’s life will ever be perfect.

When you look at that person who appears to have it all, what you are seeing is often the result of effort and commitment that person is making towards the goal of living their best life.

This can be true for me. I live a great life, with great energy, health and vitality, This I have worked hard to achieve, as it has been my focus for many years now but I can promise you one thing…my life and I am not perfect! Far from it. I make mistakes and wrong choices, I have curve balls thrown my way that challenge me, I love green smoothies but I also love potato chips on the couch with a glass of wine from time to time….Oh, and I swear A LOT!!

My point is, take the pressure off and if you really want to make change, then make this your focus. Don’t change your life overnight.

I want to share to share with you 3 simple steps that will guide you on how to do this, removing overwhelm and begin making improvements with your health and wellbeing.

Here it is……..

  1. Stop comparing!Comparitinitis’ is one of the most destructive things you can do to yourself and puts unnecessary pressure on you. As I said above we are all living different lives. Different relationships, workplaces, incomes and commitments. Comparing ourselves to other people’s lives will only make you focus on all the things you are not doing, or think you are not doing, which can keep us in habitual loops that don’t serve us well. You are enough, right here, right now.


  1. Take one step at a time. Changing habits is not a quick fix process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Trying to change everything in your life all at once or in a short period of time will only overwhelm you and set you up for failure. I have shared with you before, the story of my transition in my health. It was not a quick fix journey. I chose one thing that I thought I could do, no matter how small it seem at the time, implemented it and when that felt good and comfortable, I introduced another. Over time each little step, built into a big one and before I knew it…big change! Slow and steady wins the race!


  1. It’s OK if you slip up! No one is perfect, if you drank a little too much or ate more chocolate or cake than you should have, perhaps you polished off the whole packet of potato chips ( or was that just me???)….it’s ok, it happened. We all slip up from time to time and have a bad day, no one and I mean no one is perfect, so accept it happened and start a new day tomorrow.


Rigidity around diet and exercise is never good for our stress and wellbeing.  Remember it’s not what you do sometimes, it’s what you do most of the time that counts, so if once a week, fortnight or month you slip up, then enjoy it, shake it off and start all over the next day.


Image result for free image of the perfect lifeHealth coaching is all about assisting you to change realistic and achievable habits in your life with complete guidance, accountability and support. NO PERFECTION REQUIRED!

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