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How to change the yearly marathon that’s your life!

Image result for image of a running a marathon at christmasDo you feel like your life and year is like running a marathon? It’s like you spend the whole year running around busily, very occasionally slowing down, then picking up the pace again? …. it’s now… the finish line is in site….only a few more steps to take and you’ve made it! BIG SIGH!!

I know I often feel like this at the end of the working year.

So, with the Xmas break fast approaching, perhaps it is time to stop and really stop, put the feet up,  rest up, breathe and take the time to really give back to yourself? You deserve it.

What will the new year will look like for you?….

Will it continue with the same speed as it was this year?…. How is that currently been working out for you?

Will it pick up the pace even more?….How will that end up looking like for you?


Will you reassess? Reprioritise? And make some changes?

I use to get to this time of year, and fall in a heap. Completely exhausted and worn out. I would give myself a few days of rest, then start planning and organising more goals and things to achieve for the next year. More, More, More!

How did this work out for me….?

More exhausted, overworked, unnecessary pressure and on a fast slope to burnoutsville and consistent health problems….Doesn’t sound like fun does it?

But is this what you do yourself? More unnecessary pressure and the perception that you need to do more, tick more of the list ( it makes you feel successful to do this!) achieve more?

It makes you feel tired just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

What changed with me? Well, I’m still am busy but I always set firm boundaries, to not overwhelm me. I reassess every year and ask myself, “what can I do differently next year?” “What things can I reprioritise, change, cancel or postpone?”

So what if you try something different this holiday season? Change your perception and perhaps reprioritise a little? Take some pressure off and not set too many goals? It’s great to have goals, it’s a way we can achieve things in our lives, but what if you just look at it from a different angle? Make these goals, with much less pressure and time commitment? Try breaking just one goal down into smaller, more achievable steps and just focus on one step at a time?

So if your feeling like your been on the fast paced hamster wheel this year and your crying out, “I WANT TO GET OFF!” Then,  I urge you to get off these holidays and slow right down. Then after a good rest, really ask yourself, is this really how I want my life to look?

Then finally ask yourself, what can I do differently next year? Change your perception and you change your world.

Changing habits starts with the acknowledgment that what your currently doing is not working out so well, then making the decision to do something a little different…one step at a time.

Contact me in the new year, if this is your hearts desire, because one conversation could totally change your life. HERE or below.



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