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My 3 budget friendly meals made with mince.

This time of year, things ramp up in the busy and budgetary stakes. We stImage result for free image of spending at christmasart spending a lot more money, buying Christmas presents, going out for dinners and end of year celebrations, possibly planning a little getaway over the holiday period and if you have kids at school, school fees and book lists come in as well.

So as the old wallet and credit card gets a good workout, I have put together a few budget friendly meals, that are made using good old mince. All recipes have my basic rule of thumb- real ingredients, added vegetables and one has the added protein boost of some beans ( legumes).

Why mince?

As mentioned mince is-

  • budget friendly
  • easy to source
  • kid friendly
  • can be cooked in bulk and portioned up to place in the freezer or fridge for a quick meal on another night.
  • you can sneak more vegetables into these dishes
  • add in extra protein, by adding in a can of legumes eg; black beans, cannellini or kidney beans
  • versatile
  • these recipes can be made ahead of time, for a quick meal, when you get home late from work, functions or activities.

So here are my families 3 simple, some quick, delish and nutrish recipes you can make with simple mince. Click on the recipe title for recipe;

  1. Chilli Con Carne     chilli-con-carne-2

This delish dish is a family favourite, that can be made in bulk and turned into different meals over other evenings. Serve with a little rice, fresh salad and some mashed Avo…YUM!





2.  Turkey patties/Burgers

Who doesn’t love a good burger? These healthy, high protein, yet super tasty burger can be made, placed in the freezer for a quick grab and BBQ. Serve in your favourite burger buns, or simply on their own with some sweet potato chips and salad.



2016-10-03-18-34-203. Tasty Pork & Vegetable Meatloaf

Meatloaf never looks that pretty, but this mega tasty meatloaf is certainly a flavour bomb! The best part of making this, is it is quite simple and reasonably quick to prepare.


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