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Be your own health advocate!

Your health and wellbeing is so important to your energy, focself-advocayus, happiness, vitality and longevity.

If you truly knew just how amazing our bodies are, then you would be in absolute awe of yourself.

Just think about this for a minute; Your body is a multitude of biological pathways working constantly to keep you alive, happy, well and full of energy.

You have a autonomic nervous system (ANS). This autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, urination, coughing, sneezing and controls our responses to just about everything- automatically. You don’t have to do anything….or do you?

Now I don’t know about you, but this body of mine, is something I certainly want to look after?

Though, in this fast paced world we are living, we often neglect this most important fact….If we don’t nurture ourselves and our bodies, then no one is going to do this for us and our truly amazing systems that are there to protect and maintain us, will start to decline- sometimes more rapidly than we realise.

Let’s look at an analogy- Lets take a brand new Mercedes Benz car. Hypothetically, you have saved and saved, dreaming of a fancy, expensive car for years and now you can afford it. Do you take it to a shonky mechanic to get cheap second hand parts etc. when it needs a service? Or take it to a Mercedes dealership? Do you put a ‘home brand’ cheaper engine oil in it? Or do you get the ‘good stuff’ and treat it like a well made and efficient mechanical machine that it is?

This is the same as our bodies.

We need to treat it like a Mercedes Benz and when I see WE, I mean you.

NOURISH IT, LOVE IT AND TREAT IT WITH KINDNESS. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t ignore it.

Let me explain….

I have had my health problems over the years. I ignored this for many of them and only when I got very sick, did I take it into my own hands and started asking questions and seeking help. Now this took me some time, as most conventional medicine, didn’t quite have any answers for me, but I persisted and keep asking, till I found someone who truly listened to me, diagnosed my condition and guided me back to health. This health journey began over 5 years ago, and is still an ongoing journey. I only recently peeled back, what I hope and think is the last layer of my underlying health issue.( More on this at a later post!)

I am not here to ‘bag’ out Doctors and traditional medicine. Not at all. Nor am I saying that alternative medicines and modalities are the answers. I believe they ALL have a place and secretly dream of a time when they can all come together and work in unison…but that, again is another post!

What I am saying though, is if you know yours or even a family member’s, health and wellbeing is not right-you have that niggly or even loudly screaming health issue, no one but you can do anything about this. Your body is sending you messages all the time- it’s our job to listen, ask the questions and if you don’t get any answers, then keep asking and searching, because there is help out there and your body needs you to look after it, so it can keep doing, automatically what it needs to do- providing you with the energy, vitality and longevity you deserve.

As I always say-


So I encourage you to go into battle, if you need to- keep asking the questions and don’t give up. Be your own health advocate. I have and I can tell you, at 45 years of age, I have never felt happier, healthier and more alive!



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