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10 simple steps to eating well

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Eating well is not as hard as you may think. Adopt and follow these simple and sensible guidelines, one step at a time, and before you know your diet and energy will sore!



  1. Eat plenty of seasonal vegetables and some whole fruits. Choose organic whenever possible. Image result for free image of eating well In Australia, according to current statistic, only 31% of people have there daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables and only 4% are eating their daily vegetable intake. So eat your veg, just like you mother told you and eat plenty of them!
  2. Food should be served as close as possible to it’s natural state– real, whole without a long list of ingredients, processing, additives, preservative, artificial colour or flavours. A saying I uses often is “if your grandmother doesn’t recognise it, then neither will your body!”
  3. Cook with lots of herbs and spices, not only for more flavour and taste, but with the added benefit of their medicinal properties.  It will also allow you to use less salt in your cooking. Image result for free image of fresh herbs and spices

4. Keep red meat to a minimum and explore other sources of plant based proteins. Protein is an essential building block for our bodies functioning, growth and development. So if you are a meat eater, then small amounts of ethically sourced, if you can. Think free range and if and when you can afford it, organic. Explore other sources of plant based proteins, like quinoa, amaranth, beans and pulses,  even the humble but nutritious egg!

5. Add nuts and seeds and even superfoods into your daily diet. Now I’m not suggesting that all superfoods are worthy of their title, but some most certainly are. Take Chai Seeds for example, they are a little powerhouse of nutrients. Nuts and seeds have an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and essential fats, which provide your body with optimal health.

6. Avoid trans fats and hydrogenated oils. These oils can create inflammation in your body and have long been scientifically proven of their negative effects on our health.Use cold pressed oils such as coconut, extra virgin olive oil,  macadamia, rice bran or sesame oils, in moderation.

7. Avoid high consumptions of caffeine and alcohol. Yes, I know this may receive some big BOO’s but as a culture we are consuming more caffeine and alcohol than ever before. There is much evidence linking the negative impact that these two have on our health, so perhaps it’s time to rethink the drink- whether caffeine or alcohol or both!

8. Drink plenty of water, preferably filtered and less or no soft drinks or fruit juices.Image result for free image of a glass of water I have included fruit juices in this, as fruit in it’s whole form is wonderful, full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, but a glass of juice, not matter whether pure or reconstituted, is without the fibre and to a achieve a glass of juice requires many pieces of fruit. For example, 3-4 oranges to make a 200ml glass of OJ. This is a lot of concentrated sugar, without the bonus of fibre to slow down the release of this sugar in our bodies. But if you want a glass of juice, make sure it’s fresh and water it down with some filtered water.

9. Use healthy cooking methods- like steaming, baking, grilling, sauté or stir frying.  Eliminate deep frying.

10. Stop counting calories and start counting nutrients. We need to let go of the calorie myth and adapt a sensible approach to our health by making nourishing food choices your focus.

When changing habits in our life, it is best to take one step at a time, as not to overwhelm us. I suggest taking  a look at this list, choose the one that resonates the most with you, then every other week, fortnight or month, add in a new tip. Before you know it, you will overhaul your diet and kitchen, then feel more vibrant, with energy and focus.

Good Luck!

If you wish to start changing your diet and habits in your life that may be holding you back from great energy and true potential but don’t think you can do it alone, then don’t hesitate to contact me, for a FREE confidential discovery session. In this session you can find out how health coaching can change out the old habits and build in new, more positive ones!


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