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Do you want to know a secret?

2016-09-30-09-57-41Do you want to know one of my cooking hacks in a busy life?

During the week on social media, I posted a series of dishes I made during the week, which were all reinvented from one meal.

I am a busy woman, just like everyone else, but there are certain things in my life that are non negotiable. One of these non negotiables is nourishing me and my families body with real, whole foods.

Even in our crazy lives, there are no excuses for not doing this. As a health coach, it is my mission to guide my clients just how you can eat well and nourish your bodies, by showing them some simple and quick secrets to some of my cooking hacks!

I’m a big fan of cooking more than I need once, then turning the leftovers into delish & nutrish quick meals over the next few days. This is a great way to eating well when time is limited, you want to stick to a budget, yet you want to keep eating real food, without processed, packaged mystery food.

I will regularly cook up a roast  of some sort on a Sunday or Monday night. I will cook much more than I need for my family, then use these left overs to recreate tasty dishes throughout the week. For example; the Roast Lamb and vegetables in the picture above, was recreated into 3 more meals. That’s 4 meals out of one big cook!

So how do I do this?

I will keep using this above example to demonstrate this exercise-

2016-09-26-19-25-03We are now a family of three, so I cook for at least 6-8 people. Cook your desired amount for the number of members X 2 in your household. As you can see from the picture, we all had a lovely serving of Roast for dinner one night. This roast was a leg of lamb, sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes. Also a generous serving of steamed mixed greens.

1. I store all leftovers in sealed glass dishes and stored in the fridge to be used over the remaining days.

2. you can use some sliced up meat, to add into a wrap, roll or sandwich for lunchboxes, big or small kids over the following couple of days!

3.2016-09-27-09-47-26The following morning, I used some leftover greens and added to a very simple and quick omelette that took less than 5 minutes to whip up.

The recipe- Serves 1;  2 x eggs, whisked with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.  Then, pour mixture into a heated pan, with a little oil. While the omelette is cooking place 1/2 cup of leftover greens in one side on the egg mixture. Once egg mixture is cooked, flip the empty half over on top of vegetables, then serve. I like mine with a little kimchi on the side!

3. The next night for dinner, we had a meatless meal of Frittata, although you could easily chop up a little bacon or ham, to add to this frittata. 2016-09-28-10-04-48

The recipe- serves 4; Use leftover roast carrots and sweet potatoes, chop up into smaller pieces and the remaining greens. I will chop up also a small handful of parsley. Into a oven safe pan or dish, I add the vegetables, with a little salt and pepper, then whisk 8 eggs, add a 1/2 tsp of turmeric, whisk till light and fluffy, then pour into your pan/dish with your vegetables ( add if ham/bacon if you desire)

Place in a very hot oven 200C till golden brown and cooked through. Approximately 20 minutes. Serve with some salad greens and condiment of your choice- this one I served with pesto, but you could serve with a lovely chutney.

4.2016-09-29-18-54-43The following night was lamb souvlaki night- very simple and quick and one the whole household will enjoy. Put everything on a platter, then they make their own.

Recipe- serves 4;

Finely slice up your remaining lamb and place in a bowl with chopped up mixed herbs ( eg; oregano, parsley and mint. You can use fresh or dried)) some salt, pepper and 2 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped.

In another bowl, slice up your remaining roast potatoes. Add some thinly sliced onion  and 2 cloves of chopped fresh garlic.

Make a quick salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and feta. Toss through a little EV Olive Oil and some lemon juice, with salt and pepper. Place on a large serving dish with some either homemade tzatziki or a good quality store bought one.

Meanwhile, place 2 hot pans on the stove and add a little olive oil. Place your lamb in one pan, then your potatoes/onions in the other. Stir and fry till golden brown and crispy. Once cooked through, squeeze half a lemon on each hot dish, then serve on your platter, with some pitta breads. I am gluten free, so I use gluten free wraps but you can use any good quality pitta bread.

Very simple, quick, delish and nutrish!

Here is just one example of just how you can still eat real, whole foods in a busy life, without compromising on time, taste, flavour or blowing the budget. Just a little planning can set up your week for some wonderful cooking hacks. As I say, cook once- eat twice, three times….or even more!

If you want to learn more about busy life hacks, then contact me, Kerry Corp, for a FREE no obligation meet ad greet session, to find out how health coaching can help you eat, move and feel well in a busy life!

All session can be done in person, phone or skype.



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