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When was the last time you talked to someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserved? As a certified Integrative Health Coach, I create a supportive  and completely confidential environment that will enable you to achieve your health goals

My unique approach to health and wellbeing, can help you transform your current habits that are no longer serving you, to new and improve habits that will have you feeling revitalised and full of energy.


To guide, support, explore and encourage you. Gently holding you accountable to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. This can include;

  • how to loose your overwhelm from your BUSY 
  • get you back into the kitchen, with time effective strategies
  • nourishing your body with the food that you eat
  • Exploring and managing any digestive or health issues, through a natural holistic approach
  • moving your body with your lifestyle in mind
  • finding time just for you!
  • implementing simple and effective stress management tools

Together, we explore how your current modern lifestyle is wearing down your own health and guide you to find your ‘Inner Grounded Chic’ through food and lifestyle changes.


  • Each of my programs can be customised and targeted to your individual requirements.
  • All coaching programs can take place either in person ( Surf Coast Victoria), via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or over the phone- you can be anywhere in the world!
  • I offer a FREE initial ‘discovery’ session for you to find out just what and how I can help you and how I work.
  • A single ‘one off ‘ session is available if you re just looking to tweak, adjust or revise your current diet- this intensive session will go for 1& 1/2- 2 hours.

The programs I currently offer are the following;

                     KICK START- 3 or 4 coaching sessions-                                  

This introductory program will guide you to ‘kick start’ a healthier you. A great way to begin reviewing your diet and exercise regime and start improving your health.

ENERGISING- 6 coaching sessions-     

   A more focused program to review your broader health and wellbeing. We will unravel our core health concerns and explore the integral role that diet, exercise have on our health  and begin to look at how our lifestyle plays a role in your overall wellbeing.

                 GET YOUR GROUNDING- 8 coaching sessions-   

       A comprehensive program that ‘dives’ into your health and wellbeing, providing an opportunity for you achieve meaningful change. In addition to unravelling your core dietary concern, we explore lifestyle habits that are currently not serving you well and integrate new, more positive habits to create meaningful change to your wellbeing.

THE COMPLETE GROUNDED CHIC- 12 coaching sessions-     

    The ultimate all-inclusive program to completely ‘deep dive’ into your health. We will overhaul unhealthy, unhelpful habits and approaches that are holding you back from your healthiest potential. Together we create new healthy habits and crowd out the unhelpful ones. 

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I received my qualifications as a Integrative Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I have successfully obtained my certification in both Integrative Health Coaching and an Advanced Gut Health certificate.

Here I was trained in;

  • Multiple dietary theories,
  • Looking at how food can be one person’s medicine and another’s’ poison,
  • The importance and understanding of gut health, not only digestive health, but immune, mental and our overall wellbeing.
  • That our lifestyles contribute to our overall health, not just the food we put in mouths!
  • Stress management tools
  • The importance of finding joy, balance and connection
  • along with studying a variety of practical coaching methods.

You can learn more about my school, IIN here.

Drawing on my qualifications and my commitment to ongoing research and learning, I will help you create a completely personalised ‘roadmap to health’ that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Could one conversation change your life?

Remember all sessions can be done in person, phone or via virtual/video connection.

Contact me today for a no obligation, FREE initial consultation to decide if health coaching is right for you.


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