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The surprising secret to managing your health… Could it be that simple?

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I love a good health talk fest and going to talks, conferences, expo, all in the name of health and wellness, particularly from a holistic standpoint, whatever I can get to, I’ll be there!

I love to learn and hear about what people have to say, what the latest science, approaches and even the outlandish claims some of these people offer. It doesn’t mean I always agree or adopt their messages, but as a health coach and a wellness advocate, it is important for me to be abreast of what is going on out there in the health world.

I have seen many claims, some completely ahead of their time and ground-breaking research, for example like in the field of our gut microbiota, some however, can claim down right negligent and crazy claims, for example, that one ingredient has the power to heal all modern disease.

As always, I listen, assess and judge what is a valid approach and what is just cray, cray!Image result for free image of a health claims

The one thing that always remains the same, no matter who I hear talk, no matter how qualified, well researched or experienced in their field they may be, there is always a consistent theme to the message they are saying.


Let me just backtrack a little. for as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in health and wellbeing, but since my own personal health journey took a wild turn in direction over 5 years ago, I have been even more  hungry to learn, so much more. This lead me to study to become a health coach and although I finished my course over 18 months ago, I still read, research, learn and as I said above go to lots of health/wellbeing fests!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to a weekend of health lectures at Deakin University. This conference was put on by Cyndi O’Meara   ( a leading holistic nutritionist, who is a passionate advocate of well researched holistic approaches to health. There where 6 speakers over the weekend, all highly qualified in their fields, professors, doctors, naturopaths, lecturing on the subjects of Hormones, Microbiome, Sympathetic Dominance, Methylation and chemicals/toxins in the home….yep, it was a heavy duty health talk fest and I loved it!


What really hit me over the weekend was this;

Health and Wellbeing always comes back to these 5 things.

  1. Eat good real food, mostly plants
  2. Hydrate
  3. Move gently and often
  4. Mange stressor in your life
  5. Minimise environmental toxic factors

Now, I know you maybe thinking, surely there is more and yes, if you have a serious health condition, like cancer for example, then yes, it is much more complicated, nor am I suggesting this is the cure but if you have a chronic health concern or simple want to prevent disease and build a strong immune system, then these 5 things are key to overcoming this.

Could your health prevention and management be this simple?

I think YES. So what is stoping you from achieving this? Is it that we just can’t accept that it could be this simple?  OR we just don’t think we have the time, energy or know how to change habits in our lives?

If this is you and you would like guidance or help with making positives changes with your health and well being, then contact me for a FREE meet and greet session to see if health coaching is for you.

Could one conversation change your life?



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