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Are you merely surviving? Or thriving?

Are you living a life where you feel that you are thriving? Or, do you feel your life is like living in constant ‘survival’ mode?

Why is it that we often wait till we have that crisis moment in our lives before we take action?

We feel constantly tired, worn out and we have that nagging health problem. You hear yourself saying, “oh I’m too busy to get that blood test or health check done…I simply can’t fit that in!”- all the while our bodies are sending us those messages…you know the ones…Fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, hormonal issues, overwhelm, the list goes on. We keep telling ourselves that we are too busy to attend to the things that are actually going to make us feel better.

So what if we, for example, scheduled that blood test and all we had to do is simply take a iron supplement, then I wouldn’t feel so tired? What if we just had to make a few simple tweaks to our diet? Sleep? lifestyle factors? Simple tweaks that may not require as much effort as we thought. What if they were to help us feel happier, healthier and more energy?

So let me ask you this…

What are you waiting for?

Is it permission, from someone or a sign from something?

You can’t wait for that perfect moment. You say to yourself-

When I get that work project finished, I will….

When the kids start/finish school…move out of home… I will……

Plan that holiday? Get that promotion? Yes, you can keep finding reasons or excuses BUT you need stop waiting for someone or something to give you that permission or opportunity . THE TIME IS NOW!

You only get one precious life- just one! So make it count- you deserve it.

So ask yourself this-

  1. Are you enjoying your life right now?
  2. Is each or most days a struggle to get out of bed?
  3. Are you living in a constant state of brain fog?
  4. Are you feeling like your on that ‘hamster wheel’ and your body and brain is saying or even screaming “get me off, please?”

Think about the answers to these questions for a moment, really think about it.

Then ask yourself this-

  1. If I actually made myself the priority me and body needs me to be, what would that feel like? What does this look like?
  2. If I change some of my current habits that are not serving me well and turned them into new and improved ones, what would this feel like?
  3. Why would changing these habits and prioritizing me be important?

I really challenge you to think about your answers.

You are so worthy of the same love, care and attention that you willingly give to everyone else.

So what are you waiting for? THE TIME IS NOW!

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