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How far I have come!


Last week I had a big AHA moment. One that was not earth shattering but powerful for me all the same. You see, as a health coach one of the things I am constantly encouraging in my clients is to look back and acknowledge personal growth, as we are all so busy that sometimes we fail to reflect and see just how far we have come.

We go through life experiences, are always learning and hopefully growing and over the last five or so years, I have been on a very steep  growing curve. I have mentioned before about my health issues, so I won’t bore you with them today, but suffice to say, much changed around my diet, which  was essential but the one I wasn’t expecting to do but had the most impact, was the changes around my lifestyle and the personal growth that came with this.

The thing that came apparent to me last week and gave me my AHA moment was how more flexible I have become. When I say flexible, I’m not talking about  bending my body, flexible. I’m talking, flexible in life. This was never a strong point for me and truth be known, I wasn’t totally aware of this either. I remember, when I was teaching at a hairdressing academy, I was pregnant with my daughter and having a conversation with my boss, Donna at the time. We were talking about the impending birth of my baby and she said to me. “Kerry, you will be a wonderful mother but your biggest lesson and test will be your inability to be flexible!”

WHAT? I defended myself stating that I was a down to earth person and easy going and she replied with “Yes, you are those things but your not flexible!”  MMM, what could I say? In my mind I did not takes this well. Who was she to say that? She didn’t know me, I would be fine!!

Of course, she was not saying I wasn’t going to be fine, she was merely pointing out that this would be a challenge for me. Of course me being me at the time, took the challenge the wrong way and set about in my own mind, that I would prove her wrong…..Well guess what was my greatest challenge once I became a Mum? Yep, Donna, you were right!  My inability to be flexible. Yes, I denied it for quite some time, to the detriment of me and my daughter but one of the things that became apparent to me 5 years ago, was I needed to be more flexible and how much unnecessary stress and rigidity this was causing me.

So why last week was there a big moment?

Well, I had one of those weeks, all was looking like it was organised, planned and going to be smooth sailing. But as early as Monday, things starting changing. Nothing big, just plans fell through, rescheduling and rearranging was happening left right and centre. Had complications planning and booking a family holiday that took time to sort out. I,at the last minute had an opportunity to go to Sydney for a big health conference I was interested in, but upon looking at the logistics and finances, decided it wasn’t such a good idea. Then my daughter got sick, home for a couple of days, whilst juggling work and other commitments.

Yes, plans change and this is life, but it was a particularly a ‘topsy turvy’ week and I got to the end of it and realised at no point did I get stressed, wound up or flustered by any of it, nor did I try and control it. I just went with it. Yes, lots of things didn’t get achieved that I had planned to achieve but I was flexible with this, just rescheduled it for this week and achieve some other things that I could get done instead.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I believe that as women, we do so much for everyone else and we are so busy that we don’t stop to reflect and reward ourselves. We might in a brief moment think, “oh, I don’t usually react that way” or ” well, well, I’m much calmer about that than I thought” but we then hurriedly get on with the million and one things on our ‘to do’ list and don’t give it another thought. So instead of brushing these things off, I am suggesting we should stop and reflect, because personal growth and achievements are worth our acknowledgement. It is simply that, an achievement and it’s not like we have to shout it from the roof tops or demand a piece of jewellery ( hey, do it if you want to!)  but reward yourself with the time and presence. To be proud of your growth and how far you have come.

We are all so deserving of this. How did I reward myself?

I gave myself the time to reflect and tell myself how proud I was( this is not something that I would have done in the past) and then I opened a nice bottle of Red and had a cheeky glass or two! Simple but a lovely way so say well done me!

Do you stop and reflect on how far you have come? Do you reward and acknowledge your achievements and growth? Share with me what you do?


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