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Free Printable Healthy Food Swap Chart


Do you often get confused by what is healthy or not?

Every time you open the newspaper or switch on the TV, some ‘health professional’ is making new  health claims or new scientific research has been released about how, what and when we should eat.  Never before has there been so much conflicting advice and guidelines.

I have dedicated my life to health and nutrition and I get overwhelmed  and frustrated sometimes!

So what is my advice?

  1. Start tuning into your body. It is sending you messages all the time, but we have stop listening.
  2. Just Eat Real Food- JERF! If your grandmother doesn’t recognise the ingredients, then neither will your body.
  3. When you start doing the above 2 principles, you will slowly tune into what your body needs, responds to and works for you and your life.

It is not easy blocking out to all the noise out there about diet and nutrition but if you follow the basic principles above it will start you on the right track.

In the below FREE resource, I have for you a list of ‘Healthy Food Swaps’ you can try.

Try one or two a week, tune into your bodies messages and find out what works for you.

Happy Nourishing your body 🙂

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