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The Perfect Life?

The pressure of living the perfect life!
We look on social media and follow people on Instagram who appear to have it all. So we think if they can do it, so can I, (you read somewhere on a post saying we can have it all.)
We Get up early in the morning, go to the gym or Pilates, with our superfoods green smoothie (you read somewhere it’s all the go and will make your skin look amazing!) in your matching lululemon outfit. You rush home to get ready for work, if you have kids you get them off to school, then make your way to work. You’re at work, you return 303 emails (because you don’t want anyone thinking your neglecting them) and work like a demon, because you need to prove your worth to your boss and colleagues. You don’t want them thinking you’re not a capable superwomen now do you?
You squeeze in some errands on your lunch break, that way you get to add some more steps to your Fitbit (got to keep up your 10,000 steps!).Then eat your Instagram worthy lunch that you payed a small house deposit for from the new paleo café that’s opened up near your work.

You get home around 6pm and lovingly prepared a wonderful meal for your family because that’s what all the ‘wellness warriors’ do on Facebook. You think you need to fit some mindfulness meditation in before bedtime and then go about all your domestic chores because this is the only time you can do it and your favourite magazine tells you that an organized clean home is so important for your wellbeing and your having visitors on the weekend and would hate for them to think your not keeping on top of things, who wants that kind of judgement? All the while ignoring your foggy brain, aching body and overwhelming fatigue. ARGHH, THE STRESS AND PRESSURE!!

When did we decide that we need to do this to ourselves? Why are we becoming obsessed with being perfect? Whether it’s the food we are eating, the clothes we are wearing, the bar that we meet our girlfriends for Friday night’s drinks, the holidays we take and the photo’s we take on them, just so we can selectively show them off on Facebook. The pressure to do more, be more and know more. The pressure to portray a perfect life but underneath it all, were struggling.
I know it is exhausting. I feel fatigued just thinking about it.
But instead of striving for this unobtainable perfect life, we need to strive more for balance and grounding.
We need to switch off from social media ( except for following the grounded chic!!) stop comparing our lives to others or listening to that nagging voice in your head that’s telling you you’re not enough. It’s time to let your mind and body slow down and relax.
When we are constantly busy, we lose our ability to listen to our bodies and notice the signs it is telling us. So don’t strive for perfection, or other people’s perception of perfection. We are not Kim Kardashian or Miranda Kerr, we don’t have a team of people helping us out. Just be real and true to yourself. If you’re doing too much, trying to keep up with the ‘jones’ then your not being authentic.
The thing is, the people that really matter to you, who love you for you, don’t care if your wearing the matching lululemon outfit to the gym, or whether your home is spotless, or whether you can’t stand the taste of green smoothies, they just love you because your you, imperfect life and all!
Find your grounding and just be you.

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