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The Grounded Chic’s FREE printable Weekly Planner

I have designed an easy to follow, user friendly and printable weekly planner for you to print out and plan out your week meals and committments, completely for FREE.

It has an example of what a week meal planning looks like in my house. This is an example only and will vary from week to week. It is not a comparison nor and I bragging or showing off. It is simply there to use as a guide, to get you started. I have not included  my families commitments etc and added in snacks. Again, this is just a guide for you to get an idea of how you can get started.

Once filled out, place on your fridge. I find planning not only my weeks meals a life savour but I put all my families commitments on the list first, then plan the meals, based on these commitments and available time. Eg; I might have a coaching session later in the day, or have to take my daughter to her sporting training after school, so I can either prep a meal beforehand, depending on time or schedule a quick simple meal that I can whip up in 15-20minutes when we get home.

It should only take you 10minutes each week to do and it will set your week up to run so much more smoothly. Plan, schedule and organise. One of the best time and stress management tools I can recommend in your busy lives.



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