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How to regain your control and make you a priority

Are you wanting to take back control and make you the priority you need your body to be?

Without good health, you cannot live the incredible life you were born to live. I truly believe that without good food and lifestyle choices, we cannot think, move, function and be at our absolute best. Understanding not only what and how we eat, but also how we choose to live and feel, is essential to our overall wellness. So many people today, live according to what they think they should be doing, instead of what they really want to do. We get bogged down with life’s responsibilities and so often neglect ourselves.

For most women, we tend to take on more and more roles than we really need, then these responsibilities begin to wear us down. I know, because for many years, this was me and at times, I can still be this person. In fact, my daughter only this morning told me, “Mummy, you always put everyone else first”. We are always a working progress, but I consciously pull myself up and adjust my life, by prioritizing myself and my needs. This always brings me back into balance.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being responsible, it’s essential to many of the roles we fulfill in our lives. However the problems arise when we spend ALL of our time being too responsible and we stop having fun and taking care of ourselves. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making yourself a priority. It’s simply self-care.

Let’s be clear, there is a big, big difference between being selfish and simple self-care. We all know the scenario on a plane, before taking off, when we have the life safety talk. The cabin assistance always tell us to put the face mask on us first before helping others. There is a very important reason for this. There is no point in us not getting life’s essential air for breathing by helping others first…this is the surest way to stop breathing! But in life, how often do we do this as women? We attend to our children, partners, families, friends, careers, neighbours, dogs, etc, before we care for ourselves. We are constantly putting out life’s little or even big fires. We then wonder “why am I feeling so fatigued?” “Why am I putting on weight?” ” why don’t I have time to have lunch with a friend, let alone call them?” “Why am I so grumpy and snappy?” and so on.

I believe it is now time for you and putting your health and wellbeing first. Without making ourselves a priority, this eventually leaves us feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and unloved, which can then lead us down the road to many health issues. By learning to love ourselves and make ourselves a higher priority, we can achieve amazing things- we just have to learn to change our mindset- our beliefs, the way we behave, eat, move and perceive. The choice is yours. It really can be that simple.

Remember, change always starts with a choice. I believe you can do it. What about you? Are you ready?

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