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Slow Down

It is so easy in these busy lives we lead today, to have the tendency to overcomplicate things. So much of what we do is our choice. The job that sucks every ounce of energy from us. The endless list of activities our kids are enrolled in, the committees, sports, extra housework, helping out friends, family, neighbours, dog, all to the exclusion of our own needs- it’s all stuff we said YES too.

But perhaps we need to ask ourselves “how is this really working out for me?”

The more stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated you feel at not having time for yourself to slow down and reenergize, the greater the disconnect between your mind and body and more than often, less productive.

So if everything in your world right now is telling you to STOP! SLOW DOWN!

Then, it’s time for you to simplify. To practice saying NO, put up some boundaries and set aside some time for you.

I know this is not always easy, especially if your a ‘doer’. I get it, that’s me. It’s hard when your a doer, really hard. But what I have found if I get caught up in all the doing, everything can get overwhelming and the joy of doing gets lost. So what I do is slow down and start being not just doing.

So if it’s time for you to start ‘being’ and not just ‘doing’, then contact me for some health coaching. As health coach I will be your number 1 supporter, your guide on the side and resource for ideas.. I will tailor a program specifically for you, your body and your life. All coaching session can be done in person (Ivanhoe, Melbourne) OR phone OR Skype.

You can contact me here and start your journey to a more grounded, energised you!

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